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The ministry was recently contacted by LOVE Inc. of Western Erie County. A west county resident, Debbie Lawson, and her handicapped niece, Julie Curtis,  for whom she is the sole caregiver, need some help. The home they inherited when Debbie's sister (Julie's Mom) passed away is not properly equipped to accommodate the special needs of a wheelchair. Also, the main entrance door into the home is too narrow for a standard size wheelchair to fit through and there are floor height changes that make navigating the wheelchair thru the home difficult for Debbie and her niece. To make matters worse the gutters and downspouts on the exterior of the home need to be replaced to direct water safely away from the foundation so that moisture does not continue to be a problem for the home occupants. Bridge Builders is planning 3 work phases to assist the situation;

1) Enlarge the entry doorway to allow installation of a 36" insulated entry door.

2) Build 3 ramps to allow the wheelchair to more easily navigate the home.

3) Install new gutters, downspouts and splashs to eliminate the moisture problems.

We have completed the materials calculation and the monetary need for the project is $6,000.00. We have established a GoFundMe drive at where you can make a donation or go to our home page and use the donate now button to access our Paypal port. You can even mail a check to our office at 9437 State Road, Cranesville, PA 16410 so we have many different ways to make it very easy to make a monetary donation to help Julie and Debbie. We will be forming work teams to install the gutters, the entry door and the ramps so be sure to sign up on our forms page to become a Bridge Builders team member.

This is the home that Julie Curtis and her caretaker Debbie Lawson share.

This is the home that Julie Curtis and her caretaker Debbie Lawson share.